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Mr. Bradshaw's early career as metallurgist in the United Kingdom, Portugal and South Africa culminated in his accepting responsibility for the Consolidated Gold Fields Ltd. research laboratory and pilot plant facilities in South Africa. In 1958 he moved to Imperial College where he teamed with Professor F.D. Richardson to set up the John Percy Research Group. As Professor of Applied Metallurgy he gained an international reputation in the fields of gas/liquid metal reactions, the stream degassing of molten metals, and the mechanism of hematite reduction. His services as a consultant were in demand and his status is attested by his appointment as Chairman of the Energy Committee of Simon Engineering. In Australia he has already contributed extensively to the programme of CSIRO research on flash pyrolysis. He has co-ordinated the activities of a large multi-disciplinary team, and his identificatior, of problem areas has resulted in a research programme which shows promise of enhancing the technique.
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362 - Metallurgical science and engineering
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Professor Tony Bradshaw

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