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0414 556 848
Dr Gerlach has an exceptional record of delivering innovation and outcomes during his career in Australian science. At CSIRO (Division of Plant Industry) he played an important leadership role in teh cloning and characterization of Adh genes in maize, followed by the first isolation of the Ds transposable element. These were keynote studies in the development of plant molecular biology. He went on to establish a world class plant virology group at CSIRO, and was a coinventor of Gene Shears ribozyme technology which resulted in substantial international investment in Australian R&D. Since moving to Johnson & Johnson he led their Sydney labs from startup for over ten years of growth. With J&J he has been a coinventor on the thebaine poppy patent which has transformed the opiate industry. He is now leading major new corporate initiatives in plant based medicinal bioactives, involving integration of labs in Australia, USA and Europe.
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212 - Biotechnology
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Dr Wayne Gerlach

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