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Together with his Associates, Dr Morrison has developed a group of companies with strong international connections and recognition. While participating in research, inter alia, in fluid mechanics and aerospace technology, he has guided his consulting enterprises to a philosophy of maximizing the application of research and technology to a practical end use. This is particularly evident in the mining industry where he has been heavily. involved in monitoring both design and performance of large machines, development of which would appear to have been heavily influenced by empiricism. Devices for measuring large dragline slew bearing loads and rail distortion are the subject of Australian and international patents held by Dr Morrison, with others. Contributions by Dr Morrison in this area, have materially assisted Australian mining companies to maintain a leading position in a highly competitive world market. His technical capacity is complemented by commercial and managerial competence, resulting in a strong demand for the services of his group by major mining companies in South Africa and the United States where a successful subsidiary company has been formed, of which he is President.
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311 - Mechanical engineering
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Dr William Morrison

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